Joy of LIfe

Joy of LIfe
Joy of Life

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lacy Lace

My baby girl will be due to be borne on 24th November. As a welcome gift to her, I scourged through the books that I borrowed umpteen times from the community library. At last I found something that I like.

It is a tiny mini dress that opens at the back to allow her nappy to pop out. As the original design was made in long sleeves, I modified the pattern to be sleeveless, to make it more suitable in our hot weather.

At first, I wanted to make it into a long skirt, but I abandoned the idea since the yarn that I bought was the last 3 in the store. I regretted my decision in the end as I have too much yarn left in the end. And I could not add to the length of the dress as the whole dress was knitted from bottom to top, and it was knitted as a whole piece. So, no seams at the sides, darling!

Hope my baby girl will like this....